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Bridge Drain Products and Services

Whether your project requires a Ductile Iron, Steel, or Fiberglass (FRP) storm drain system, BDS can supply a turn-key package to meet your needs.. From Pipe, Fittings and couplings, to bridge scuppers and hangers, we can supply it all.

Drain Pipe

Drain Pipe

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Straps & Hangers

Pipe Straps & Hangers

Bridge Drain Frame and Grate

Bridge Drain Frame and Grate

Drain Pipe

Drain Pipe

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Straps & Hangers

Pipe Straps & Hangers

Bridge Drain Frame and Grate

Bridge Drain Frame and Grate

Bridge Project Consulting and Solutions

Whether you are an engineer looking for the right specification or a contractor looking for field support during installation, you’ve found the solutions to your bridge drain project challenges. You expect experienced, resourceful experts to address the engineering and construction needs on your bridge drain projects.  Bridge Drain Systems’ team is ready to help no matter your phase of planning or construction.

With Bridge Drain Systems, you’ll discover a true partner in the process – more than just dropping off a load of materials – throughout the full scope of the process, collaborating from design to completion in order to bring your project to the optimal end result.  Consulting by Bridge Drain Systems guarantees a seamless transition from planning, to design, to construction – including referring and working with reliable trade partners.  Contact us to schedule a lunch and learn today.

Bridge Drain Systems Project Consulting Solutions

Bridge Drain Systems Projects

  • South Dakota DOT / Grangaard Construction – Harding County Prestressed Girder Bridge – Full system supply. 10ea 4″ downspouts.

  • Sound Transit / Stacey Witbeck & Kuney JV – Redmond Link (R200)- Full system material supply – 2,600LF of 8″-18″ drainpipe.

  • Washington DOT / Graham – SR410 to SR18 – Custom fiberglass deck drains.

  • Washington DOT / Atkinson – Marine View Dr. – Full system supply. 4,500LF 6″-8″ drainpipe.

  • Colorado DOT / Ralph L. Wadsworth- SH 64 Meeker Bridges- Full system supply. 6ea downspouts.

  • California DOT / Skanska – SR71/SR91 Interchange. Full system supply. 3,000LF 6″-14″ drainpipe.

  • California DOT / Skanska – SR57/SR60. Full system supply. 1,000LF 6″-10″ drainpipe.

  • BNSF / Ames Construction – TX Bridge #348.57 – Full system supply. 1,200LF 6″-8″ drainpipe.

  • Florida DOT / Condotte America – Project E6M86- Cast iron deck drains.

  • Sound Transit / PCL – S 200th Link Extension – Supply and install 7,000 LF of  6″-16″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Oregon DOT / Wildish – Newburg Dundee – Full system material supply. 1,700LF of 8″-10″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Washington DOT / Atkinson – I-5/SR-16 Structure and Connectors – Full system material supply. 80LF of 10″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Sound Transit / Stacey and Witbeck – Downtown Bellevue to Spring District (E335) – Supply and install 1,320 LF of 10″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Washington DOT / Atkinson – I-405/SR167 Interchange – Full system material supply. 700LF of 6″-12″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Sound Transit / Stacey Witbeck, Kiewit, Hoffman JV – Lynwood Link Northgate Station to NE 200th Street (L200) – Full system material supply. 9,500LF of 6″-10″ bridge drainpipe.

  • City of Tacoma / Atkinson – Puyallup River Bridge – Supply and install 400LF of 8” bridge drainpipe.

  • Sound Transit / Skanska -Lynwood Link Extension (L300) – Full system material supply. 8,041LF of 8″ bridge drainpipe.

  • California DOT / American Civil West – Sun Valley Overhead – Full system material supply. 150LF of 8″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Washington DOT / Atkinson – I-5 SB HOV – Full package material supply. 1,680LF of 6″-10″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Texas DOT / Flatiron – US181 Harbor Bridge – Drain system hanger supply. 1,881ea of various 8″-20″ hangers.

  • Sound Transit / Kiewit Federal Way Link Extension (F200) – Full package material supply. 12,000LF of 8″-16″ bridge drainpipe.

  • California DOT / American Civil West –  Sacramento River Bridge Rehab – Full system material supply. 3,180LF of 8″ bridge drainpipe.

  • Washington DOT / Hamilton – US 395 Sprague Ave To Spokane River – Full package material supply. 2,000 LF of 10″ bridge drainpipe.

About Bridge Drain Systems

Bridge Drain Systems is a DBE certified distributor and contractor specializing in the delivery of structural drainage systems.  Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience working on civil infrastructure projects across North America. BDS boasts a full support staff of sales, engineering, drafters, and managers who are ready to tackle your project.

From design support to budgeting, material supply to installation, the BDS team is here to assist in your drainage system development. Alongside our manufacturing partners, BDS can supply or supply/install complete system, one-stop-shop packages. No matter what your project requirements may be, BDS is the solution.


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